BedPak Travel Backpack

BedPak Travel Backpack - Front shot
  • BedPak Travel Backpack - Front shot
  • BedPak Travel Backpack - Glamour Shot
  • BedPak Travel Backpack - Sleeping Pad in Use
  • BedPak Travel Backpack - Briefcase View
  • BedPak Travel Backpack - Worn as a backpack
  • BedPak Travel Backpack - Carried as carry on luggage
  • BedPak Travel Backpack - Compartment A
  • BedPak Travel Backpack - Compartment B
  • BedPak Travel Backpack - Sleeping Pad

The BedPak is the first made for travel, packable backpack that is convertible to a sleeping mat preparing you for every adventure along the way. The BedPak is the size of standard carry-on bag, with 7 compartments for maximum organization of all your belongings.

While the BedPak was originally created for airline travel, its uses are not limited to the skies. The BedPak can be used for day hiking, picnics on the beach, and even as a diaper bag with a built in changing pad.

The BedPak was invented by Claudia Hall who lives in Bellingham, WA.  Claudia is also a mom who travels frequently with her husband and kids.  One on of her trips, the flights got cancelled and she and her family ended up needing to spend the night in the airport. After an very uncomfortable night, she came home and created the BedPak so she and her family didn't have to live through that experience again.

Here is a video with Claudia explaining her thought process behind the BedPak:

Made from high quality durable materials, the BedPak is manufactured in the USA.  

Watch this video to see how much you can pack into a BedPak: 

 U.S. Patent 9,144,290


Technical Specs

  • Weight: 3.1 lbs
  • Dimensions: 20" x 16" x 4" (empty)

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