NoMessPetDish with "Click-n-Toss" Liners

NoMessPetDish with
  • NoMessPetDish with
  • NoMessPetDish with
  • NoMessPetDish with
  • NoMessPetDish with
  • NoMessPetDish with
  • NoMessPetDish with
  • HEALTHY: Veterinarian approved for the HEALTH of your pet! Here's why. Do you feed your pet wet or raw food? Vets say it is much HEALTHIER than dry food, especially as pets age. However, raw and wet food will grow dangerous bacteria when it sits in the dish too long - that is UNHEALTHY for people and pets! Your pet dish contains more germs than your toilet!! Click-n-Toss Liners are clean and HEALTHY. Your pet can become HEALTHIER when you give them a clean Dish with every meal!
  • PET FRIENDLY: 1. FOR WHISKERS -- Cats love the low profile and rectangular shape of the NoMessPetDish because their whiskers don't get scrunched against the sides of the dish when they eat. 2. NON-SKID: "feet" at bottom, keeps Dish from sliding across floor - even tile or hardwood. 3. SECURE: "Ears" at the top of NoMessPetDish hold "Click-n-Toss" Liners securely in place as your pet eats. Liners easily "Click-n-Toss" out of Dish for quick disposal. Then "Click-in" a new Liner for next meal.
  • EVERYWHERE and ANY TIME: Home • Travel • On the road • Everyday • NoMessPetDish is everything you could want in a pet dish: disposable, ECO-friendly, easy, quick, convenient, HEALTHY for people and pets, AND affordable, too!
  • EASY FOR YOU: Feeding your pet has never been more simple, faster, or easier! • No more hassle. • No more mess to clean. • No more YUK-factor. • Click-n-Toss Liners make clean-up a snap!! • NoMessPetDish will not stop your pet from making a mess ... NoMessPetDish will make your job of feeding your pet and cleaning the the messy pet dish fast and easy!
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY: "Click-n-Toss" Liners are ECO-friendly. There are two choices of Liners when you order: 1. Brown 100% compostable. 2. White disposable and biodegradable.

With your NoMessPetDish you will receive 15 standard white, 100% compostable "Click-n-Toss" Liners for free. Then, when you are ready for more replacement Liners, you have a choice of two different styles of "Click-n-Toss" Liners. Both styles are standard #100, 1 lb. food trays. Order your choice of: 1) Kraft, brown, Eco-Friendly, 100% compostable, or 2) standard white, Eco-Friendly, 100% compostable.

Veterinarians advise us that cats and dogs are healthiest when they eat raw food or wet food. That can be very messy and it becomes more difficult to keep your pet dishes clean and sanitary. Even worse, when your pets dishes are not cleaned regularly, their dishes get full of bacteria.

With the NoMessPetDish you can give your pet a clean, fresh Dish with every meal without contaminating your sink or your own dishes. Giving your pet a clean Dish with every meal not only helps to keep your pet healthy, vets say it can help them to become healthier! 

Replacement Click-n-Toss Liners are available for purchase on Amazon:

Brown, Kraft 100% compostable:

White, 100% compostable:

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