Sleeve-Aide - Shirt Dressing Aid Independent Living Aid

Sleeve-Aide - A dressing aid for daily living
  • Sleeve-Aide - A dressing aid for daily living
  • Sleeve-Aide - Retail Packaging
  • Sleeve-Aide - Step 1 - Slide fingers through loop and attach clip to shirt sleeve.
  • Sleeve-Aide - Step 2 - Slide arm into sweater or jacket.
  • Sleeve-Aide - Step 3 - Detach clip and repeat for other sleeve.

The patented Sleeve-Aide™ eliminates the stress and frustration of bunched up shirt sleeves by gently gripping your shirt sleeve while you slip on your jacket. The Sleeve-Aide™ makes daily life easier and improves the functional performance for people on common everyday tasks.

You and your loved ones will have a profound sense of satisfaction and renewed independence with taking care of everyday tasks once again.

Made in the U.S.A. from a flexible, comfortable material, the Sleeve-Aide™ comes with a clip specifically chosen to be safe and easy to use for anyone with arthritis or other problems with their hands.

Here is a testimonial from one of our customers:

"I asked my mom, who is an 89 year old lady to try Sleeve-Aide and she liked it.  It does help her when she puts on her jacket and keeps her sweater's sleeve in place. It is a good tool for dressing and maintaining their independence."  ~ Julie B.

From the inventor in his own words:

"Hello! My name is William (Bill) Davis and I invented the Sleeve Aide™ as a problem solving product for keeping sleeves in place while putting on a coat.

I work as a driver at a health care center and every day I would watch the residents of those facilities and their aides struggle to help them get their jackets on over their shirt sleeves. You see, the shirt sleeve would get all wadded and bunched way up the sleeve, sometimes to the point where the resident was obviously uncomfortable. I thought, that doesn’t work, I have to change that. I realized that most of the people can’t hold their sleeve in place to prevent this from happening. So I started playing around with ways to try and solve this problem, the first design was simply a pair of suspenders cutoff by the clip end and then used an “O” Ring that I sewed in place. That worked pretty well, but I knew it needed to be better and easier. Eventually, as I shared the idea with more people, we refined the idea to where it is today.

Made from a flexible, comfortable rubber with a little clip at the end, that way it is safe and easy for anyone with arthritis or other problems with their hands to use. It’s now as simple as grip it, clip it and slip it! Since I invented this product, I’ve had so many people tell me how much they love the idea and that it’s worked great for them, including parents who use it to teach their little ones how to put on their jacket!"


U.S. Patent Number: D725,345S


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