• Announcing Budley!

    Slingshot-NW, Inc. is proud to announce the launch of our latest product, the patented Budley. Budley is a tangle-free, compact earbud storage case. 

    The Budley allows you to bring your earbuds everywhere you go without the tangled mess! Easy earbud storage and retrieval saves time, frustration, and extends the life of your earphones. Budley is lightweight, compact, durable and easy to clean. Whether you are listening to music, traveling, going to the gym or anywhere you take your earbuds, Budley’s ready to go - in your pocket, purse, backpack or carry-on luggage. Designed for standard-sized earbuds/earphones including the new iPhone 7/8/X earbuds with lightning connector but also works with some Bluetooth headphones and charging cords. It is made with a single piece premium silicone

    The first purchase most people make when they get a new phone is a case to protect it.  It is time we do the same for our earbuds and the Budley earbud case is the perfect solution.  With the Budley, you can keep your earbuds clean and untangled and because it is only 2.75 inches in diameter it can easily go with you where ever your adventurous life takes you!

    Slingshot is excited to announce the Budley is now available for purchase in a wide variety of colors for you and/or your loved ones on Amazon.com.

    Buy yours today!

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