Products for Licensing

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Slingshot currently has several unique and innovative products available to license.  Please view this list of below to see if any of them fit your strategic needs.  

Painting (Contractor & DIYers)

A patented accessory product for the painting industry that has shown to save a professional contractor up to an hour a day.  This product helps eliminate spills and unnecessary bending over which are two major complaints from all painters.

Camping & Outdoor Recreation

An innovative new cooler (patent pending) that helps you organize your food in a whole new way for your camping trips, tailgating party or next outdoor adventure. This product eliminates the need for you to have separate coolers for food and drinks.

Consumer Electronics, Camping & Outdoor Recreation

A solar powered, BlueTooth® enabled device (patent pending) that will allow you to listen to your music where ever you are without worrying about running out of battery life.  It can also be used to charge your other USB-enabled devices.

Firefighters & First Responders

A patented, simple, lightweight and adjustable rescue device designed to help save lives by assisting in fast removal from hazardous environments of firefighters and other first responders.

Aids for Daily Living

An easy to use and patented device designed to help the elderly complete daily living activities without assistance.  As we age, simple tasks can become difficult to accomplish on our own.  The goal of this device to give back some independence by allowing them to complete certain tasks without help.

Home and Garden

Beautify your ugly fence with this new patent pending product with a universal mounting system.  There are no tools necessary with this product to quickly and easily install solar lights, your favorite wind spinners or flags for your favorite sports teams right on the top rail of your existing fence no matter.

Travel and Outdoor Recreation

With this patented travel backpack, you will always be prepared for whatever adventure comes your way.  This is the only backpack that converts into a sleeping pad providing you comfort and security of your belongings.

If you would like to know more about any of these products, please contact us.  We will be happy to share additional information to qualified parties.