• NWIRC and Slingshot partner up!

    A great article by Jim Davis on Slingshot and the NW Innovation Resource Center is in the June 2016 issue of the Bellingham Business Journal. 

    "It’s a start-up to help start-ups.
    The nonprofit NW Innovation Resource Center is creating a new venture called Slingshot-NW to help inventors and entrepreneurs market whatever they dream up.
    Inventors are often “garage geeky guys and girls” who want to make things, but don’t have the desire or experience to sell it, said Diane Kamionka, the executive director of the NW Innovation Resource Center, which helps entrepreneurs throughout northwest Washington.
    “Inventors are just not very good marketers,” Kamionka said. “They know their product, but, with rare exception, it’s not what they do to go and sell it.”
    So Slingshot is being created as a marketing tool to help these businesses get off the ground."
    You can read the full article here on the Bellingham Business Journal web site, BBJToday.com.
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