• Protecting Your Ideas

    One of the most common questions from inventors is "How do I protect my idea?"  This is a great question and one that we are happy to help answer for you.  On August 3, the Slingshot's partner, the Northwest Innovation Resource Center (NWIRC), will be presenting a talk about how to protect your idea with a patent and your rights when you license it to a third party such as Slingshot.

    Michael Schacht of the Bellingham based legal firm Schacht Law Office, will explain the basics of patents and licensing. Learn more about the different types of patents from provisional to design and utility. He will also discuss what you need to know and understand about the legal side of licensing your intellectual property to others.

    This event is FREE and is part of the NWRC's monthly Inventor Insights Brown Bag Lunch Series.  To learn more and get your tickets to this event, CLICK HERE.

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