• Announcing Sleeve-Aide!

    Slingshot-NW, Inc. is proud to announce the launch of our latest product, the patented Sleeve-Aide.  The Sleeve-Aide is an aid for daily living product that holds your shirt in place while you put on your sweater or jacket.  

    As we age most people tend to lose mobility and dexterity in their hands which is what William "Bill" Davis, the inventor of the Sleeve-Aide, witnessed every day working as a driver for a health care facility.  As the driver, he would show up at the health care facility and watch the residents struggle to put their jackets and coats on without their shirt sleeves bunching up even with help of the aides at the facility.  The bunched up shirt sleeves became a source of frustration for everyone involved and in many cases a source of pain for the residents.

    Bill Davis decided to invent the Sleeve-Aide to eliminate the pain and frustration for these residents and their aides.  The Sleeve-Aide slips easily over your fingers and the simple clip attaches to the end of the shirt sleeve holding it securely in place as you put on your jacket. 

    Slingshot is excited to announce the Sleeve-Aide is now available for purchase in a wide variety of clip colors for you and/or your loved ones either via SlingshotNorthwest.com or on Amazon.com.  

    Click either of the links below to purchase your Sleeve-Aide today!




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